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Which dance direction attracts you the most?
Ballet, perhaps?
Physically perfect, beautiful people, ballet dancers have always been role models. The fabulous New Year's Nutcracker, the dying swan, the gentle Giselle, the passionate Carmen – all these wonderful images are remembered forever even by people far from art.
Or its opposite - modernity, rejecting traditional ballet forms?

And maybe ballroom dancing after all?

The most spectacular of all kinds of directions thanks to positive energy and bright exterior framing, where gorgeous costumes, luxurious dresses of dancers, elegant hairstyles and the shine of Swarovski stones greatly enhance the impression of the dance itself.
But take your time with the choice. Before you give your child to any of the dance directions, you need to master the base!
Classical choreography for children is a system of expressive and technical means of choreographic art and the basis for further study of all types of dances. Choreography is practiced by all modern dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts and acrobats, circus and dramatic artists.

Having studied classical dance, you can easily master any dance direction that interests your child.

So what is classical choreography for children in its modern sense? 
First of all, this is the staging of the entire building as a whole with the development of special skills and the gradual familiarization of students with the basic movements of the ballet class.
A lot of patience is required from children here, but our teachers are able to explain choreographic positions in a simple and accessible way, can support them in a difficult moment and reward them with well-deserved praise. With such teachers, children easily and playfully master classical choreography.


We guarantee: 
- constant creative growth of your child;
- the development of musical hearing, dance ability and flexibility in him;
- participation in competitions and festivals, demonstration performances at city venues, at competitions in artistic and aesthetic gymnastics.


The training includes:
- parterre gymnastics;
- stretching and flexibility development;
- statement of the body, arm and leg positions;
- studying ballet exercises at the machine and in the middle;
- staging of dance compositions. 

We are recruiting girls from 4 to 7 years old.

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