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Anastasia Buturlina

We have been working at the AURA club for several years. We are very glad that fate has brought us here. You can see how much our coaches love gymnastics and live by it, instilling this love in girls! They treat every child with understanding and interest. This is not the club where children just do gymnastics , this is the club where gymnasts are born!!!

Volobueva Natalia

My daughter has been studying in Aura for almost a year. During this time, the child has fallen in love with gymnastics so much that we can no longer imagine without daily training at home and in the gym! Of course, desire and perseverance are mandatory qualities on the way to the goal. But without the right direction, such results cannot be achieved. And this direction is shown by our coach, Irina Igorevna Petlina. You can say a lot, but the main thing is that she is always in the same rhythm with the girls. And when the child says: "I want to be like Irina Igorevna," it means a lot.

Mishina Irina

We express our gratitude to the administration of the gymnastics club "Aura" and thank the fate that brought us to the family called "Aura". For the high professionalism of the coaches, for their daily contribution and work to our child) and just for the fact that kind, responsive, loving people work here.)

Natalia Gerasimova

Our daughter has been studying at the Aura club for 2.5 years. My daughter really likes it, the child has hobbies, goals and teammates. Our coaches are super, I bow low to them for their patience and strength, they treat the kids well, they can "stick and carrot", in a word, they work conscientiously, there is something to compare with! Therefore, if you think it's worth it or not to give it to Nauru, then you can be sure it's worth it! And another pleasant moment, the Aura club is like one big family, now everyone is for each other! I am very glad that one day I came across an ad about recruiting a group, and I certainly do not regret that I gave my daughter into the hands of professionals!

Usenko Natalia

We have been visiting the club for the third year-since the age of 4. I can only express my gratitude for the respectful attitude towards children, a personal approach to the abilities of each child and focus on the final result! When I was deciding what to do with my child, it was important to me that it was a beautiful feminine sport, and that the child could see the result of his labors. The choice fell on aesthetic gymnastics . Initially, we chose the Aura club on a territorial basis - proximity to home, we decided to try it and were not mistaken. Patient coaches have brought up a productive team of our children. Yes, training is sometimes exhausting and stretching requires patience, but, what is important, and for children first of all , all this is encouraged by the opportunity to participate in competitions and demonstrate their abilities not only to moms and dads . The main indicator is that despite all the difficulties, our daughter wants to continue going to training, she likes to perform.

Shikhaeva Climate

We first got acquainted with the Aura Gymnastics Club 2.5 years ago and have never regretted that we came here. To our favorite coaches: Olga Vasilyevna Lutsenko - sometimes strict, but very fair, who sees the potential of every child, knows and finds an approach not only to children, but also to parents. Elena Sergeevna Shishova - who gives a part of herself and her precious experience without a trace. Patience to you, nothing will work without you!

Tiunova Natalia

I want to thank our favorite coaches of the Aura Gymnastics Club for the excellent work and achievements of our girls!!We came to the club at the age of 6 and this did not prevent my daughter from becoming an excellent gymnast)And all thanks to the professionalism of the coaches who find an approach to each child. Girls go to competitions all over Russia, work with a choreographer and take prizes))The child goes to training with pleasure. We wish you new achievements and victories!!!!!"Aura is the best gymnastics club!!!We are very glad that we are with you!!

Chupakhina Yana

Thanks to the coaching staff of the Aura club for their high professionalism and individual approach to their pupils!!!


Our children live gymnastics together with our coaches. They play "Olga Vasilyevna and Alyona Sergeevna", copy their intonations and words to our family, scold dad, chewing a sandwich at night looking, move around the house with wheels and coups, then "gallop-dash-touching", watch cartoons in splits - gymnastics is everywhere! Thanks to the coaches for their attention to each child!!! And even every parent is given time. The club is growing and developing, which is very nice. We wish good luck to all the athletes and coaches of the club!!


We have been engaged in the Aura club since the age of 4, for six months, since the opening at Gidrostroiteley 59. I want to say thank you to our coach Anastasia Valeryevna for the kind attitude and high professionalism, for the individual approach to the child. She manages to interest and involve any little girl in the lesson, despite the fact that it is a lot of work and a lot of patience is needed for both the coach and the girls. The daughter shows results and waits for classes, right even one pass for her is a tragedy. And every month medals appear in our house! The real ones! At the same time, this is not an entertainment club, the attitude to sports here is serious, up to proper nutrition, daily routine. This disciplines not only children, but also their parents)))))


We have been doing it for less than a year.And in such a short period of time, it is impossible not to note the excellent results in physical development that our daughter has achieved.The child is delighted, life without gymnastics is not possible.Excellent coaching staff, demanding, always work with enthusiasm and full dedication.Thank you.

Bulgakova Elena

A month ago, my daughter started attending sports acrobatics classes at 871 Stavropol Street (Island of Warmth). And, first of all, I want to say a huge thank you to coach Nadeikina Anastasia Olegovna for her attentiveness, patience, individual approach to each child. My daughter has become very attached to her. With a great desire, she runs to training and after, every time she shows something and excitedly tells how everything went and what she learned, she stopped being a coward! And, of course, the results are not long in coming. Very dami.happy with the training Thank you so much again!


My daughter has been studying at the Aura Club for more than two years. My daughter likes it very much, she runs to gymnastics with pleasure, the results are excellent, we constantly monitor her progress. The club has a friendly atmosphere, the hall is very spacious, beautiful, warm. Coach Irina Igorevna Petlina knows her job, she is very demanding, but she knows how to find an approach to children. We are very glad that we are studying with you.

Ostroumenko Nadezhda

My Sasha came to the sport at exactly 3 years old-in AURA (aesthetic gymnastics)-there were tantrums, tears-in the gym!!I disrupted the training for the coach-I didn't want to and didn't understand why!!!Coach -Alina Konstantinovna Chernaya!! ... Half a year later, Alexandra was already performing...and I was looking forward to training with my favorite coach with joy. Then, as soon as she turned 4, we transferred her to rhythmic gymnastics-closer to home-(our goal is still RHYTHMIC gymnastics!!)- to another sports club.Unfortunately, we didn 't get any results there for 8 months of training, only in the opposite direction !!! And here's the joy-we found out that you already have Hood in our area.gymnastics!!!You are expanding very quickly. Now I am confident in my child's development again-I see the full impact of the coaches! But still-I want to mention Alina Konstantinovna Chernaya-this is a coach from God!


I have 2 children, a boy of 6 years and a girl of 3 years, I have been taking them since September to sports acrobatics to Natalia Mikhailovna, a branch on Zipovskaya. I am very happy with the results: the children have become more disciplined, more obedient! The girl is already sitting on the longitudinal and transverse twine, making a bridge and a somersault, and the Boy generally tries to always be faster and better than everyone! I thank our coach for her patience, love for children and professionalism!

The movie Vika-Katya

Hello! I'll be a little multiple) We are very glad that we found and got into this club. I brought my daughter to the Aura, just to try, I didn't really think that this would become our hobby, but thanks to our coach Polina Viktorovna, we are reaching heights, which is insanely pleasant!!! Thank you very much for your hard work!!!


I want to express my gratitude and a huge human thank you to coach Ruslana Vladimirovna. This is our first gymnastics coach and I am very glad that my daughter got to her. Very attentive, open, kind. Only thanks to the work of the coach, my daughter fell in love with going to gymnastics and classes are held with pleasure


Thanks to Aura, everything was fine, but alas, it was time to say goodbye, the differences between the coach and the child led to the departure from this Academy. But the love for the gymnast still remained, we will go further. Unfortunately, there was a negative opinion.


Hello!!! I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of your studio and to you personally for such a professionally selected coaching staff. For almost 3 years now, my daughter has been attending your academy and we are insanely glad that we came to you. We have a coach Alina Konstantinovna on May 1st, she is a professional in her field. Tactful, sociable, moderately strict and demanding. Vilenochka always runs to classes with great pleasure, which, of course, we are insanely happy about. Thank you very much, and a huge thank you to our wonderful coach. Further development for you, but also, of course, success in all your endeavors.

Doroshenko Elena

Dear Maria Alexandrovna and Nadezhda Sergeevna!!! The parents' team expresses its sincere gratitude to you for a wonderful holiday!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our children grow strong and healthy! For an individual approach to each child, for being able to captivate and help train with passion and interest. Our children are looking forward to every next workout under your guidance. Thank you for the well-organized and effective training process in the group and for the care with which you follow the successes and mistakes of each child in the group. For the excellent physical condition of our children – a special thanks to you. We wish you health, strength and patience, as well as future Olympic victories for you and your students. The team of parents of future Olympic champions!!

Nadezhda Ostroumova

Today was the most long-awaited and exciting day in Sashuli's life - the first real beautiful individual swimsuit, the first arrows on the eyelids, the first solo performance in a sports group!!! Many thanks to our coach Elena Dmitrievna Trifonova for the opportunity to perform with older girls to the youngest gymnast, for patience, preparation and support, thank you for believing in Sasha! !!!!!Special thanks to my beloved Alina Konstantinovna Chernaya for instilling in Alexandra a love of gymnastics almost from the cradle (and it was oh so not easy - remember those wild hour-long tantrums in the gym at the wall), for not abandoning - you support and do not leave today, you give us your skill and strength! !!!!And, of course, thanks to Olga Vasilyevna (both today and in general) for the global contribution to the sports future of our children!!!

Novikova Svetlana

We thank our beloved Gymnastics Academy for an unforgettable training camp in Taman. Wonderful organization, super atmosphere, a lot of new impressions and positive emotions! The wonderful coaching staff charged everyone with their enthusiasm! The girls have become much more resilient and have gained a huge sports experience! Thank you for the sporty mood! Special thanks to our coach Polina Viktorovna for her care, patience, attention, responsiveness and caring for children and parents! Thank you for the sparkle in the eyes of our girls! Now we are looking forward to the next fees!

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